HTTP Error 429

You may be subject to quotas when you send numerous requests to the Overpass API. If you get this error, you will see the result of a call to with details about your quota and next available slots:

Connected as: 866011160
Current time: 2021-03-15T09:14:16Z
Rate limit: 2
Slot available after: 2021-03-15T09:30:24Z, in 968 seconds.
Currently running queries (pid, space limit, time limit, start time):
14803       536870912       180     2021-03-15T09:12:33Z


You may encounter this kind of exception:

NotImplementedError: The parser for site is not implemented yet.
If you feel enthusiastic, you may implement a class Site which inherits from Relation
and knows how to parse this relation.

This simply means that a parser for the particular type of relation called site is not yet implemented. You may have a look at files in the osm/overpass/relations directory (e.g. MultiPolygon or Waterway).

An empty class in your code inheriting from Relation should be enough to bypass the exception, but only a proper implementation will parse the content received from the Overpass API.

from cartes.osm.overpass.core import Relation

class Site(Relation):